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Exclusive Experiences
Elevated Minds
Community That Drives You

Membership Benefits

Access to world class exotic & luxury automobiles at exclusive member-only discounted rates in major cities including Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, and more to come.

Access to a high level community of Elevated Minds of  Entrepreneurs, Auto Enthusiasts, Professionals, Celebrities, and the top contributors to society creating an environment for business networking and surrounding yourself with like minded individuals.

Access to exclusive events, masterminds to learn from industry leaders, and we will be expanding to additional luxurious experience such as  discounted mansion/yacht rentals, and other activities that will give you memories to last a lifetime.

Membership Dashboard

Membership Dashboard


  • 20mphOpen access to view Member Dashboard Portal
  • 60mphEnable ability regarding Upgrading Membership (Platinum NFT Membership + Benefits)
  • 100mphMembers Vote on additional cities to expand to
  • 130mphRelease Access to Staking (Garaging) Feature to ‘Supercharge’ Points.
  • 160mphRelease details regarding Upgrading Membership (BLACK NFT Membership + Benefits)
  • 190mphMarketplace becomes available, transfer your membership within marketing , Merch, etc.
  • 200+mphAccess to members only events, High Performance Masterminds, & beyond!

**As a member, you will be accruing loyalty reward points daily that will never expire just by holding your NFT membership, and when you purchase experiences by logging into your personal dashboard. Your points equate to additional discounts, and with upgrading and staking features to be announced soon, will give you more savings, and more days behind the wheel.

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The Luxury Auto Club

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Connecting High Performance Minds & Auto Enthusiasts while providing access to exclusive experiences & community that drives you.

This NFT Membership will serve as your entrance into the Luxury Auto Club. Giving you access to our fleet of luxury and exotic vehicles, as well as other membership utilities.

To learn more about our membership and utilities, Join us on Discord and follow us on Instagram , TikTok, YouTube for amazing content and more information on our Membership Benefits and updates to come!

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